Divorce and Custody Cases

Your case matters to us.  We understand that each person's life situation is unique, and we listen to what you tell us is important to advocate for you in your case.  Most of all, we assist you through the legal process to minimize the impact contested litigation has on your children.

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Adoption Cases

We have over ten years experience in termination of parental rights and adoption cases.  Whether it is a step-parent, a relative, or a friend adoption, we help you through the legal process to understand what you need to do to secure your forever family.

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Wills and Estate Planning

Assure your loved ones know what decisions you want made regarding your living will, your last will and testament, and who may assist in your business affairs or decisions on health should you be unable to make these important life decisions.

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At Boshears Law, we take the time to get to know our clients as people.  Individual time, attention, and legal talent is devoted to your case to assure that you have an advocate for your legal interests, an understanding of the legal process, and input into decisions made on your case.

At Boshears Law, it is our business to assure your case has a strong legal foundation to withstand any appellate review.  We have extensive litigation experience, and we know how to prepare your case for trial when necessary or how to obtain the best settlement for your situation when appropriate.

Our business is representing people--in advocating best for who matters most.



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