What will your legal representation cost?

Most often I require a non-refundable initial retainer fee in any potentially contested case.

Do you offer a free initial consultation on my case?

Yes, my initial consultation of up to one hour is free of any charge as it is just an opportunity to meet with me to determine if hiring Boshears Law is the right decision in best advocating for your legal needs.

What should I expect in a divorce case?

Every case is unique as every individual has different expectations and issues in their family relationships.  If you file for divorce without children, you must wait, at least, sixty (60) days before the divorce can be final.  If you file for divorce with children, this time is extended to, at least, ninety (90) days.  However, most contested divorce cases take, at least, six months to be ready for trial and, depending on the Court's calendar, may take longer to set for final trial.